Tuesday Topics: GMO vs Non-GMO

What does it mean to be genetically modified vs. the traditional hybrid methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of GMO and non-GMO methods? How does it affect our food? What are the effects on the environment? Join us as...Read More

Tuesday, Topics: Sentencing Reform – No Choice

Join us for a discussion about our Kansas justice system, co-sponsored by the Wichita Public Library! With our prisons overflowing and amid requests that we build new ones, is our criminal justice system working? Are reforms needed and if so,...Read More

Tuesday Topics: The Future of Century II

Wichita’s iconic performing arts & convention center, Century II, was opened for business in 1969. Over the past 50 years, it has served Wichita well, but is it the best choice for today’s audiences? A citizens’ committee has studied the...Read More

Tuesday Topics: Election Analysis

Join us as Dr. Russell Fox from Friends University discusses the outcomes from this year's election. What might voters expect to see in the coming months at the local, state and federal level? Doors open at 11:30 for those who...Read More