Trump’s enablers in Congress led by Mitch McConnell are about to acquit our lawless president. This was never a trial. It’s a cover up. Wednesday, February 5th at 5:30pm, hundreds of thousands of Americans will mobilize with a simple demand:...Read More

Global Day of Protest

We will be marching with the Women's March starting at Old Town Plaza at 11:30 am - and march to The Wave venue for their rally. More information will be coming!…-the-time-is-now/

KCC Oil & Gas Advisory Board

The KCC's Oil & Gas Advisory Board will be meeting, likely for the first time in a very long while, and we need to be there. Bring signs and greet the board members as they arrive to the parking lot...Read More

(Un)Happy 18th Birthday Afghan War

We will be having one last war protest at our old location! Did you know that on October 7th the Afghan War will be 18 years old? Let's remind everyone in Wichita! There will be speakers! There will be music!...Read More