Come for the Free Coffee & Donuts, Stay for the Free Speech

The 2020 Legislative session is about to begin and this is your chance to bring your ideas, thoughts and concerns before Senator Ware, Representative Ward, Representative Sawyer and Representative Elect Yeager. This is Democracy in action - Please join us!

South Central Kansas Legislative Forum

This is another opportunity for legislators and citizens to discuss common concerns and share new ideas about the future of Kansas. As your representatives, we are committed to maintaining a dialog with every voter in our districts, as well as...Read More

South Central Legislative Delegation Public Forum

There will be a South Central Delegation public forum on April 14th from 10-11:30am WATC main campus (renamed WSU Tech). 90 Minute Public Forum: 10am:-11:30am Wichita Area Technical College / NCAT auditorium. 4004 N. Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67226 Legislators...Read More

West Wichita Legislative Forum

Join Representatives Brenda Landwehr, Dan Hawkins, Leo Delperdang, Emil Bergquist and Senator Gene Sullentrop for a legislative forum and update. Learn about what is happening in Topeka and ask your representatives about pending legislation.