Film: The Lobby USA Part 2

In 2017 Al Jazeera produced a four-part documentary about the efforts of the Israel government and the US Israel lobby to undermine this movement, by spying on, smearing, and disrupting American students and other activists. The movie has not been...Read More

Positive Directions presents World AIDS Day

In honor of World AIDS Day 2018, Positive Directions, Inc. will be featuring the film "Kids" (1995) *Rated NC-17* starring Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson. This movie depicts a day in the life of unsupervised New York City teens during...Read More

Sedgwick County Candidate Forum

Civil liberties are major issues in this November’s election. We know that voters want to hear about where candidates stand on everything from reducing mass incarceration to increasing citizen participation. That’s why we’re sponsoring Kansas State House Candidate Forums so...Read More

Giveaway, School Supplies/Regalando, Utiles

Mercadito Hispano thanks the support and attention in this new community project of Hispanic people with desire to share their work and talent. And on this occasion we want announce that we will be giving school supplies to our kids...Read More