The True Cost documentary

Explore the global issue of fast fashion by watching the documentary film True Cost at MCC in North Newton. Directed by Andrew Morgan, the film looks at environmental, social and psychological aspects of consumerism and mass media focused on the...Read More

Le Tissu: A Slow Fashion Revolution

Le TISSU: A Slow Fashion Revolution It's our annual "Earth Day is Everyday" celebration!💚🌱🌳. Join us for an inspiring, educational & fun day of eco shopping, eco crafting & making a difference. "Who made your clothes?" In our hectic daily...Read More

Earth Day And Fashion

Instructor: Malissa Long Bringing and sharing Up-cycled projects encouraged. The garment industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. How can we as a community work to reduce our textile waste. Lets talk about ways to keep textiles...Read More