Women Empowered Shocker Market 2020 at WSU

Join us for this mini market and expo too! When women have opportunity and succeed, whole communities are lifted. And then come for the Women Empowered Market 2020: International Women's Month also coming up March 21! Come join us to...Read More

Renaissance Expo

This Expo commemorates the 400 year experience of Africans in America through music art technology food worship and community

Juneteenth – Fourth Annual Wichita Natural Hair Expo

The expo features educational workshops, local, national, and international vendors. In addition, the natural hair show component highlights local Wichita salons and provides a platform for local stylists to demonstrate their talents. The Wichita Natural Hair Expo is designed to...Read More

Wichita Science Expo

Join the community at the 2nd Annual Wichita Science Expo!!! See what science experts, groups, activists, and more are contributing to science AND how science impacts your daily life. The event is a come-and-go event. Come for an hour or...Read More