February HUGE Agenda

Since we didn't meet in December or January, we have a really full sgenda. Please plan to bring your cup and get a drink. bring your own fork or spoon if you need one for your lunch or your pastry....Read More

Green Wichita Coalition

Any environmental group in the City of Wichita that is trying to make change here is welcome to come. Bring all your members if you would like. Be sure to tell us which group you belong and who will be...Read More

Pizza, Politics & the Planet

Join Lori Lawrence and Southwind Group, Sierra Club to talk state energy & environment issues with local legislators. Some examples might be: Water Funding; Sales Tax on Food; Pesticide Drift; Earthquake Stoppage but there can be much more! Please do...Read More

SOAR Ice Cream Meeting!

Our May meeting will include a debrief on Ecofest and finalizing plans for Juneteenth plus other efforts. Come learn about us! Come tell us what you think we should focus on to make the city of Wichita sustainable.