FridaysForFuture Strikes in Wichita

We will continue FridaysForFuture climate strikes on the second Friday of every month from noon to 1p.m. We'll be at the intersection of Douglas Ave and Market St. in downtown Wichita because there will be more pedestrians there than in...Read More

Global Strike for Climate 2 Wichita Gathering

This is the Wichita gathering of the #FridaysForFuture #GlobalStrikeForClimate ( I found this listed on and decided to make a FB event. I hope to see lots of young people demanding action on the climate crisis and lots of...Read More

Democracy on Tap: Climate Change & Environmentalism

ronThe mini-series on the environment kicks off at May's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap. This time we're covering two topics: the effects of climate change and the economics of environmentalism. Panelists: Tami Alexander, Central Kansas Clean Cities Dorothy Barnett, Climate...Read More