FridaysForFuture Strikes in Wichita

We will continue to Strike for the Climate on the second Friday of each month from noon to 1:00 at the intersection of Douglas Ave. and Market St. in downtown Wichita.

Global Strike for Climate 2 Wichita Gathering

This is the Wichita gathering of the #FridaysForFuture #GlobalStrikeForClimate ( I found this listed on and decided to make a FB event. I hope to see lots of young people demanding action on the climate crisis and lots of...Read More

Democracy on Tap: Climate Change & Environmentalism

ronThe mini-series on the environment kicks off at May's Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap. This time we're covering two topics: the effects of climate change and the economics of environmentalism. Panelists: Tami Alexander, Central Kansas Clean Cities Dorothy Barnett, Climate...Read More