Final Friday – Women Empowerment

Final Friday at Hopping Gnome Brewing feat. Macey Haney Artistry! What a great way to end Women’s History Month. This is my first time doing a show at Hopping Gnome and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m also so happy...Read More

MEET Our Horizons! : Fundraising Benefit

YOU'RE INVITED! Meet Our Horizons A fundraising benefit for Horizontes All proceeds support the Raise Our Horizons! campaign for the LARGEST MURAL IN THE WORLD! Your support is helping to pay direct costs of equipment rental, storage for our materials and...Read More

Bien_Comun Commons

The exhibition explores Cuba’s informal economy by documenting two illicit information-sharing operations. Millions of Cubans use a “sneakernet” called El Paquete Semanal (“the weekly package”), a collection of digital material that substitutes for broadband Internet. Another illegal information service known...Read More