As its name implies, the Peace and Social Justice Center operates on the principle that peace cannot exist without social justice. Right now, some Americans are waging a war against immigrants, a war that will be ended, not by creating policies targeting certain people based on ethnicity or skin color, but by creating policies that bring social justice to all people. It is a matter of social justice that if we want to deal with people coming across U. S. borders, lawmakers need to enact policies that take into account that these people are just as hard-working, decent and worthy of regard as those who were born here.

It is our position that no border created by human beings can strip other human beings of their humanity. Every immigrant deserves to be treated as an equal member of the human race. We support federal policies for a just pathway to citizenship for current undocumented people within our borders. Social justice dictates that no human being is illegal. Only when we acknowledge this will we find peace.