No War on Iran

Dear peace center and friends,

President Trump claims not to want to start a war on Iran, however all his actions say the opposite. 1) He withdrew from the agreement President Obama made with Iran even though all the European allies and UN inspectors agree Iran was keeping to its side of the agreement. Like an infant he wants to rescind anything with Obama’s name on it. 2) He has appointed two men known for their desire for aggressive military actions. 3) He has demanded giant increases in our military spending, which benefits the arms industry billionaires that support him politically. 4) He wants to cut safety net and environmental programs and use the money saved for more weapons. 5) He defends selling arms to Saudi Arabia, the main regime that is pushing for war on Iran.  We demand that Senators Roberts and Moran lead an effort to stop this march to war. Senator Moran, to his credit, voted to cut off arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and we thank him for that.  We will be marching between their two offices in downtown Wichita on Tuesday, June 25th at 4:45 pm.

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