No Tyson coalition wins!

Sedgwick County withdraws support for Tyson

   Kansas residents from No Tyson Sedgwick County, including Wichita, Clearwater, Haysville and other towns celebrated victory when Sedgwick County government announced they had withdrawn their earlier support for a Tyson chicken slaughterhouse and system of 70-100 chicken farms to supply the proposed plant. SG County said there is no support for the tax incentives Tyson wants.

      The Peace and Social Justice Center worked with a coalition of groups and individuals to educate and inform regarding Tyson’s horrible record of fines for worker safety and environmental hazards and organized signs, rallies and attendance at public meetings. Citizen opposition was strong for potential water use, depletion of wells people depend on, air quality, and wastewater requirements that the Tyson system would demand. The jobs Tyson offered do not pay a living wage.


“The announcement from Greater Wichita Partnership pointed to a lack of support for incentives needed to lure the plant to the country. But let’s be real, it wasn’t the incentives. It was the worry about water pollution, an odor, and the social impact of raising and slaughtering millions of chickens annually. Residents concerned about any or all of those factors came together in an impressive display of protest.”   Kirk Seminoff’s Pivot Point, Wichita Eagle 1207


We will be cancelling the event: What About Tyson? 

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