National Cannabis as an Option for Pain Awareness Day

Bleeding Kansas Advocates is hosting a short evening of advocacy in support of the Amerians for Safe Access efforts. ASA will be in Washington, D.C. on November 1, hosting vigils, a march and a day of advocacy on Capitol Hill. We want to bring awareness to our community and our leaders, including local, state and federal to the benefits of medical cannabis over opioids. Cannabis advocates across Kansas and Missouri will be hosting vigils/gatherings in conjunction with our local vigil.

As we face the deadline on the Rohrbacher-Farr Amendment, patient rights are once again in danger. Not only does this impact legal states, but this also impacts the efforts in states still fighting for legal access. This is an important time for us to show unity.

This national crisis kills more than 90 people per day, and we KNOW that medical cannabis can save lives. Opioid overdoses go down by 25% in legal states. November is Chronic Pain Awarness Month. Pain patients deserve a safer choice, and those dealing with opioid additction deserve to have an alternative.

Come represent 1 of the 91 people who die daily in our country.
30 minutes of your time can be a loud voice for those in chronic pain. Please join us.

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