Refugees Welcome: Stereotypes & Perception on the Refugee Crisis

Thursday, October 5, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wichita State University – Rhatigan Student Center, 1845 Fairmount ST

Join us for an awareness event on the perceptions and stereotypes that we all have towards refugees! There will be a presentation from the Episcopal Migration Ministries, as well as workshops and snacks! It’s a chance to learn a little more about this issue and about yourself!

One thought on “Refugees Welcome: Stereotypes & Perception on the Refugee Crisis

  1. Subject: Your Oct. , 2017, Session on “Refugees Welcome: Stereotypes & Perception on the Refugee Crisis”

    Does anyone know if these sessions were recorded or not? My husband and I are from McPherson, Kansas, and we wanted to come to this event last year, but, unfortunately, his work precluded that possibility.

    I (Jeanne Jacoby Smith) am the author of the book, “Refugees! A Family’s Search for Freedom and the Church That Helped Them Find It” (on Over this past year, approximately 375 copies of my book have been sold through’s e-store. Needless to say, my interest is such that I would like to have heard this session, as updates are critical for persons like myself who wish to stay up on the issues.
    Should you be running this session again, please include me on your emailing list. My email is

    Thank you!
    Dr. Jeanne Jacoby Smith, McPherson, KS

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