No War on Iran

Dear peace center and friends, President Trump claims not to want to start a war on Iran, however all his actions say the opposite. 1) He withdrew from the agreement President Obama made with Iran even though all the European...Read More

ACLU of Kansas Listening Tour

We want to hear from everyday Kansans what they feel are the most pressing issues. This August and September, join us at a Listening Session event near you. You’ll have a chance to meet our new Executive Director, Nadine Johnson,...Read More

Unity Tour – Wichita

We are Kansas City’s LGBTQIA+ and Supporting Chorus. Spreading the messages of love and acceptance to make a positive impact in our world. Join Us! Free Admission, with Suggested Donation.

Renaissance Expo

This Expo commemorates the 400 year experience of Africans in America through music art technology food worship and community