No War on Iran

Dear peace center and friends, President Trump claims not to want to start a war on Iran, however all his actions say the opposite. 1) He withdrew from the agreement President Obama made with Iran even though all the European...Read More

Adult Scavenger Hunt

The ever popular Adult Scavenger Hunt will be held on June 29th. People wishing to form teams and participate should plan on purchasing their 2019 Wichita Pride Buttons (available at the Old Town Plaza the morning of, before the Unity...Read More

Wichita Pride Family Picnic

As part of Wichita Pride's: A Day of Unity - Celebrating “Five Decades Forward – Stonewall 1969-2019” celebration,Wichita Pride and Cargill be hosting a Family Picnic and Youth Scavenger Hunt at Hyde Park. There will be two bouncy houses for...Read More

Unity March

Wichita Pride will host; A Day of Unity - Celebrating “Five Decades Forward – Stonewall 1969-2019” on June 29th as part of the 2019 Wichita Pride Celebrations. We will begin the day by hosting a Unity March. The March will...Read More

Socialism 101

NOTE: June date changed to Friday June 28th due to the Democratic Primary debate that was scheduled! A 3-part summer discussion of just what the HECK is going on in America today. All are welcome, but remember: the purpose of...Read More