No War on Iran

Dear peace center and friends, President Trump claims not to want to start a war on Iran, however all his actions say the opposite. 1) He withdrew from the agreement President Obama made with Iran even though all the European...Read More

Bread and Roses Holiday Potluck

Join us for a Holiday potluck where you can enjoy excellent home-cooked food and fellowship with others who share your passion for social and economic justice. Please bring a dish to contribute if you are able. You don't have to...Read More

SOAR Holiday Party!

PARTAY! After a year of working hard on issues in Wichita and running events, we need to spend some down time just relaxing and visiting AND seeing this property! Check out the solar array and the wind turbines! Kent and...Read More

Peace and Coffee – West

Join us for coffee and conversation on our new regular event. This is a time to discuss current events, vent a little, and plan actions that help our communities promote peace in Wichita and the world.

Pizza, Politics & the Planet

Join Lori Lawrence and Southwind Group, Sierra Club to talk state energy & environment issues with local legislators. Some examples might be: Water Funding; Sales Tax on Food; Pesticide Drift; Earthquake Stoppage but there can be much more! Please do...Read More