Board Meetings
Third Saturday of each month at Noon, except December.
At the Peace Center, 1407 N. Topeka  
All members are invited but only board members may vote.
If you would like to be more involved in the Peace Center or the Education Fund, please Click the Link Below to Download a Board Member Application. Submit completed applications to admin@wichitapeace.org. 
Latin America Action Group
Previously known as "School of the Americas Watch" (SOAW)
Meets 2nd Monday at 5:30 pm
At the Peace Center
Each year the Peace Center takes a group to Ft. Benning, in Columbus, GA.  The 2013 vigil will be November 22-24.  Anyone interested in attending this year’s vigil is welcome. We also show films to educate about US foreign policy especially in Central and Latin America. Email admin@wichitapeace.org for more information.

Palestine Study Group
Meets Thursdays at 6:30 pm-- see calendar for details. 
At the Peace Center. 
We work to educate about Palestinian human rights in their struggle against the Israeli occupation. All are welcome to join in on the discussion. Email admin@wichitapeace.org for more information. 


Jobs & Education -- Not Incarceration (J.E.N.I.)
Meets bi-weekly at the Peace Center.
Call 316-263-5886 or email janbrad89@gmail.com for meeting times; or check the calendar for planned meetings and events.  
We advocate against the drug war and the resulting mass incarceration for non-violent crimes, which especially targets black and brown communities.This is devastating to families and contributes to a permanent underclass in society. We believe it is a systemic and moral problem which must be addressed.
Complete the Opt Out Notification for Military Recruiters form for students or forward to those interested. This form should be available in all high school enrollment packets. If it isn’t, parents, guardians, or eligible students should call the school or the Peace Center, 316-263-5886. Remember parents, guardians, or eligible students must complete this each year before September 20th.