Help collect signatures for Cannabis Law Reform!

Petition instructions:


Step 1.  Download the petition above

or call  316 737-5911   316 269-3729


Step 2. Collect the signatures


For signatures be counted, signers must sign the same address where they are registered to vote. The petition  need not be filled with 7 names, but each blank in the completed row must be filled with correct information.

Email info@mri-ict.com with your polling place to volunteer for a shift. It’s fun!

Step 3. Notarize the sheets 


It is required by Kansas Law that the collector of signatures swear before a notary that they have witnessed each signature on the page. For this reason it is imperative that each sheet is signed before a notary before sheets are mailed back. Notaries are free at your bank & neighborhood city halls. Call us for assistance 316 737-5911. Please don’t sign the same sheet you notarize or your name won’t be counted.


Step 4. Get sheets turned in!


To support the Marijuana Reform Initiative-ICT, please bring or mail your notarized sheet/s to:

c/o Peace Center  
1407 N. Topeka
Wichita, KS 67214

Thanks so much 

for supporting 

marijuana reform!

Support the reform initiative with a small or not so small contribution.  We’ll need funds to run a campaign for the April election. Even $3  added up, will help purchase yard signs and bumper stickers.