Help collect signatures for Cannabis Law Reform!

Petition instructions:


Step 1.  Download the petition or get a copy with a clipboard.

Step 2. Collect the signatures


Collecting signatures should be a fun and friendly process. To get started we suggest that you first approach people you know and trust. Have a BBQ or house meeting where you can privately talk about the subject and discreetly collect signatures.  As you gain more confidence you can move on to the general public, or join us at local concerts and large gatherings of all varieties. For signatures to count all signers must be registered voters and residents of Wichita. The petition need not be filled with 15 names, but each blank in the completed rows must be filled in with correct information. 


Step 3. Notarize the sheets 


It is required by Kansas Law that the collector of signatures swear before a notary that they have collected all of the signatures. For this reason it is imperative before signature sheets are turned in that this process is completed. We can assist you in finding a notary if you need. Dillon’s has notary services at the courtesy booth, and local banks are another common place to get a sheet notarized.


Step 4. Turn signatures in


All petitions must be collected centrally in early July and handed in all at once or they will be counted separately and will not add up to the 5000 needed. To support the Wichita Campaign to End Criminal Penalties On Cannabis Possession, please bring or end 1-15 signatures to:


Peace Center

1407 N. Topeka (near 13th and Broadway)

M,W,F 11:00 am - 3:00 pm  

Call for other times:                                                    

316-263-5886 or 316-269-3729


Signatures can also be sent to:

P.O.Box 8349

Wichita, Kansas 67208


Arrange for pick up at 316-737-5911.


People who need to register to vote can go to https://www.kdor.org/voterregistration/default.aspx and follow the instructions for sending a photo of your birth certificate at the end of the online registration process.