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Upcoming Peace Center Events

Film: National Bird
Friday, March 3, 7:00 - 8:45 pm
At the Peace Center

National Bird is a 2016 documentary film directed by Sonia Kennebeck with executive producers Wim Wenders and Errol Morris. It was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival, and it was reviewed in Variety and The Guardian. It will show on PBS Independent Lens on May 1, 2017.

National Bird follows the dramatic journey of insiders who are determined to break the silence around one of the most controversial issues of our time: The secret US drone war. The film gives rare insight into the American drone program through the eyes of veterans and survivors. Plagued by guilt over the killing of faceless people in foreign countries and suffering from PTSD, the veterans decide to speak out publicly, despite the possible consequences.
Breaking the Silence on the US Drone War:  
Insiders Speak Out

Friday, March 10, 7:00 pm
Hubbard Hall, Rm 208, Wichita State University

     In March Wichita will get to learn about the US Drone War from Air Force veteran Lisa Ling, who is a former technical sergeant on drone surveillance systems. In the new film National Bird she shows a commendation she received for helping identify over 121,000 “insurgent targets” over a two-year period, as part of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. “That is 121,000 lives affected by technology that we control. How many years have we been at war now?”
    Breaking the silence around this controversial form of military intervention, drone program personnel have been sharing their insight and experience working within this program. As one has said, "We wanted to bring transparency into this very secret program because the public doesn't know enough about it."
*********Other Community Events********
South Central Legislative Delegation Public Forum
Sunday, February 26, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Wichita Public Library, Alford Branch, 3447 S Meridian Ave

The South Central Legislative Delegation consists all the Republican and Democratic House and Senate members who represent Wichita and the surrounding areas in the Kansas State House. You are invited to meet, discuss and share your thoughts with legislators at this public, town hall style public forum. Hope to see you there!

FROM THE HEARTLAND: The Kansas Heritage of President Barack Obama
February 4 through April 22

As our 44th President, and the nation’s first African American President, leaves office, The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM) presents an exhibition that reflects on the influence of his deep Kansas roots and on the Midwestern values of his mother and grandparents, who raised him. The oil industry brought two of his great grandfathers, Rolla Charles Payne and Harry Ellington Armour, to Kansas. One settled in Augusta, the other in El Dorado. Obama’s grandfather, Stanley or “Gramps,” was born in Wichita, as was his mother, Stanley Ann. This Kansas setting for his story is as unlikely as it is perfect. It’s a story of a literally African and American child being raised by white parents from a nearly homogeneous Kansas. The Sunflower state proudly entered the union as a “Free State,” but has long wrestled with a complicated racial history that included riots, lynching, and segregation. Those complexities, hate and hope, emerged in his presidency.

601 N. Water, Wichita KS 67203
Tuesday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
$5.50 Adults
$4.50 Seniors and Students
Media Influence on Public Policy
Tuesday, February 28, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Central Library, 223 S. Main

Today's news travels rapidly, through Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.  How has our society changed in the way news is reported?  And what impact does this have on the news we receive?  Join us as our presenters discuss the way that media affects and influences our decisions as citizens.  This program will be presented by Jeffrey W. Jarman, Ph.D., Interim Director, Elliott School of Communication, WSU.
Beyond Tolerance Dinner Dialogues
Tuesday, February 28, 6:00 pm
Dinners take place in hosted homes

Register to participate at A moderated opportunity to share diverse perspectives on a wide range of philosophical questions and forge new friendships. 

Beyond Tolerance City-Wide Rally
Sunday, April 30, 4:00 pm
(location to be determined)

Last year the “Beyond Tolerance Movement” was launched at city hall with the support of Honorary Chairperson Mayor Jeff Longwell. This year we are planning our second “City-Wide Rally”. It will include a mass choir singing music from the many cultural traditions of our community, as well as city leaders sharing what they will do to live “beyond tolerance.”

Register Today!
Call: (316) 269-0635
March Forth on March Fourth
Saturday, March 4, 7:00 - 10:00 pm
At R Coffee House, 1144 N Bitting Ave

This is a call to all poets, artists and musicians who are creating art that celebrates beauty, diversity, unity and justice. It is time to come together to support each other as we MARCH FORTH ON MARCH FOURTH! Full lineup to be announced at a later date. Angelo has promised to throw something delicious on the smoker so you won't go away hungry ... except for truth!
Juarez Bakery Appreciation Day
Sunday, March 5, 7:00 - 10:00 am
2209 S Seneca ST

Let's all show some love for one of the finest bakeries in the great state of Kansas. You can find them at the location listed, or at the 10th and Waco location. Share this around, and on Sunday March 5th, let make it standing room only!
Change Congress Needs!
Wichita Advocacy Team Workshop

Monday, March 6, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
At Heartland Friends Meeting, 14505 Sandwedge Cir, Wichita, KS 67235

Heartland Friends Meeting is initiating an Advocacy Team in Wichita! We will be connected with an existing network of 30+ Advocacy Teams across the U.S. and we will be the first in Kansas. With training and guidance from Friends Committee on National Legislation, we will learn how to help our members of Congress truly understand our beliefs and desires for peace and justice. With good strategy, regular informational updates from FCNL and a little time, we believe we can make a difference and change Washington for the better. You are invited to our workshop on March 6th from 6 to 9pm. After learning more you may want to be a member of the Wichita Advocacy Team.

To sign up for this workshop, email Dorlan Bales at We hope to have 30 at the workshop and, from that group, have a core of 6 or 10 who wish to actively pursue having a Wichita Advocacy Team.
Vote Your Vote: Congressional Candidate Q&A
Saturday, March 11, 11:00 - 1:00 pm
At Sunflower Community Action, 1751 N Ash Ave

Your candidates want to know what matters to you. Ask them your questions and make your voice heard!

Candidates running for the 4th Congressional District seat in the House of Representatives have all been invited to be at Sunflower Community Action on March 11th to answer YOUR questions. 

This is an unparalleled opportunity to get to know the people who will be REPRESENTING YOU in Washington! Come hear from the candidates and let them hear from you!
March for Science
Saturday, April 22, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
504 N Main St, Wichita, KS 

We will have a rally with speakers at the Old County Courthouse starting at 11 am. After the speakers we will march from the Courthouse to the Mid-America All-Indian Center (650 N Seneca) where we will be hosting a teach-in. This is a non-partisan event for all people who support science, scientists, and policy based on scientific data and facts.
Mayo 1: Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes
No compraremos. No iremos a la escuela. No trabajaremos. Pelearemos por proteccion permanente, dignidad, y respeto para todos los inmigrantes en este pais.

Sin Manos No Hay Obra

May 1: A Day Without Immigrants
We will not buy. We will not go to school. We will not work. We will fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants in this country.



When asked about how our lifestyles affect our risk of cancer, most are aware that smoking can cause lung cancer, and that sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.  However, physical activity is known to lower the risk of some cancers, specifically breast cancer and colon cancer.  A new study published in 2016 also saw an association of physical activity with lower risks of 13 other varieties of cancer. This is an interesting finding which further suggests that being active is good for your health in all kinds of ways!  Choose your favorite activity, and try to spend at least 30 minutes, five days/week, doing it.  Remember that walking at a moderate pace counts! Wichita has many parks, biking and walking paths.  Take advantage of them!

If you missed the Annual Dinner, catch the presentation below!

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