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Upcoming Peace Center Events

Give Peace A Chance, Senator Roberts-Support the Deal!
Friday, July 26, noon – 1 pm
Senator Pat Robert's office, First St and Market 
(Street parking available on First St. or Market)
     Join us Friday at noon to show Senator Roberts we want him to support President Obama's deal with Iran. Israel's Netanyahu and his war-loving followers in the US Congress are trying to prevent this deal, but most of the US public supports it. Come to First and Market at noon to take a stand for peace, not war.

Latin America Action Group presents
"Resistencia: The Film"
July 30. 7pm. 
At the Peace Center.

     It is June 28th, 2009. The people of Honduras are preparing to vote in their country's first-ever referendum. However, instead of waking up to ballot boxes they rise to find their streets full of soldiers. The first coup d'état in Central America in three decades.
     An unprecedented nationwide resistance movement is born, known simply as La Resistencia. Without question, the most daring arm of the movement is that of the farmers of the Aguan Valley. With the president that promised to help them get their land back overthrown, they decide to take control of their own destiny. In a matter of minutes they seize control over 10,000 acres of palm oil plantations belonging to the country's most powerful landowner. Located on some of the most fertile land in all of Central America, the farmers announce that they have no plans of ever giving the plantations back.

Wichita Coalition Against Gun Violence 
Friday, July 31, 10:30 a.m.

Mennonite Church of the Servant, 2401 N. Woodland
The Coalition works for gun safety awareness and for repeal of SB 45 which removed the requirement for licensing and training before purchasing a weapon. 

70 Years since the Atomic Bombs: Working to abolish nuclear weapons 
Sunday, August 9, at 3pm
At the Peace Center

Join us in remembering the victims of the attacks, commemorating the events, finding out about the state of nuclear arms today, and in action to call for a nuclear weapons free world.
*********Other Community Events********
Rally to Stop Westar's Attack on Solar and Efficiency: Wichita Stands
Thursday, July 23, Rally - 4:30 pm; Public hearing 6 pm
Metroplex, Wichita State University, N. Oliver & E. 29th Street N.
Kansas stands for solar choice and fair electric rates. Westar is trying to raise your rates and eliminate your options to control your bill through efficiency or solar energy. You can say no!
Westar is proposing discriminatory fees on solar customers, and they are blocking solar advocates and businesses from raising their concerns. If Westar’s new rates are approved, Kansans will not be able to choose solar energy to lower their energy bills. Westar’s proposal will kill the solar industry in Kansas.

Your voice is more important than ever to make sure the KCC hears how Westar’s proposal will hurt Kansans. We need you to rally on July 23st in Wichita or July 21st in Topeka (see invite here -

Wichita DSA invites you to an
Organizing Event for Bernie Sanders
July 29th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
At WSU Metroplex on 29th and Oliver, Parking is available.
Room 130, enter from door C (east side)
Convenors: Jim Phillips and Dotty Billings
Facebook event page for updates and additional information: CLICK HERE.

Official Campaign event listing: CLICK HERE.

Wichita Organizing Meeting for Bernie
Wednesday, July 29 at 5:30 PM
SEIU Union Hall
3340 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS
SEIU Union Hall is located about 4 blocks east of West Street on Douglas. We are on the north side of Douglas, directly across the street from a national guard armory. The nearest cross street is Joann.
More event info can be found here:

2nd Annual Masque Charity Event
Penthouse at Mayflower Plaza, 209 E. William
Saturday, August 1. 8:30pm 

     Masque is a charity masquerade to benefit ICT SOS; a local organization that is dedicated to fighting human trafficking in the Wichita community. General admission tickets will be $10 on Eventbrite:
Facebook event page:
We have office space available! Call or email for more information or an appointment:
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